Rumors: Updates from the ATG News Channel 9/30/13

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Rumors: Updates from the ATG News Channel

by Katina Strauch

pic2The Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge is a fantastic experience! It is a three-day conference that focuses on the methods of building and managing library collections.  It will be held next year from May 17-May 20, 2014 at Timberline Lodge which is one hour east of Portland, Oregon on the slope of Mt. Hood.  The Lodge was a WPA project of FDR and the surroundings are rustic and beautiful. My husband and I were at Timberline several years ago. The snow was so majestic that you needed sunglasses indoors.

Highly recommended. 

Speaking of Timberline Lodge, one of the driving personalities behind it is the scholarly Scott Alan Smith who sometimes writes a column for ATG. And guess what, Scott and yours truly have just completed an edited volume of Papa Abel Remembers: The Tale of A Band of Booksellers. Besides Richard Abel’s own words, included are reminiscences from Mary Lou Devlin, Rea and John Christofferson, Don Satisky, John Laraway, Mike Markwith, Helmut Schwarzer, and Don Chvatal and some pictures as well. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Abel was such a private, unassuming man that there is little documented about his work on one of the very first approval plans. Coming soon from Against the Grain press! 

There’s an app for that! Was interested to see that IEEE has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative(CGI) to help non-profit and non-governmental organizations advance their goals through a digital platform. The two-year partnership was announced at the CGI Annual Meeting and it was revealed that IEEE is constructing App-E-Feat, a resource website. App-E-Feat will facilitate easy communication between engineers and non-profit, non-governmental organizations in an effort to develop mobile applications to further international outreach to those in need. “Access to mobile technology resources can help these organizations further their individual missions that do not have significant resources,” says Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow and vice president of IEEE-USA, in a statement.


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