v25 #3 Profiles Encouraged: Brooke Billman

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photo_brooke_billmanAZHIN Librarian
AZHIN/Arizona Health Sciences Library
<[email protected]>
azhin.org  •  ahsl.arizona.edu

Born and Lived:  I was born in Ohio but have also lived in six states and one other country.

Professional Career and Activities:  In my current position as the Arizona Health Information Network (AZHIN) Librarian, I play a key role in managing a non-profit health information resources consortium that spans the state of Arizona and has 23 hospital and academic members.  As the only full-time employee that serves this organization, I have many roles which include managing electronic resources, providing training to librarians and their users, and working collaboratively with librarians and university employees on a range of projects and committees.

I am very involved in MLA in a variety of sections including collection development, research, and leadership.

Family:  Most of my family lives in Ohio but a few of us have managed to escape the cold winters!

In My Spare Time:  I like to stay active by running, doing yoga, and riding my bike to work.  I also enjoy sewing, reading, and traveling.

Philosophy:  If you can’t get out of it, get into it.

Most Memorable Career Achievement:  As someone who hasn’t been in the field for an extended amount of time, I feel I have my most memorable achievements ahead of me.  Until then, I cherish the appreciation that clients extend when I meet their needs.

How/Where I See the Industry in Five Years:  This is a very “big” question and I could write so much about this!

I see librarians and libraries shifting their focus even more to be at their users’ fingertips.  Instead of just making resources available anytime and anywhere, I think information professionals need to move into roles that are more visible and to think of themselves as an integral part of their institution’s mission.  Instead of providing services when approached, we should be working to ingrain ourselves into the fabric of the culture.  There’s a large focus on liaison and embedded librarians, but I feel that “moving out of the library” in one way or another is an option for most information professionals.  Especially with the trend of rethinking library as space and with many librarians’ physical space being downsized, we need to focus on being visible and on providing cutting edge, as well as time-tested, services to position ourselves in a place where our value is not questioned.

We know how amazing we are and so should others!


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