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v25 #1 Publisher Profiles: BiblioLabs

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360 Concord Street, Suite 304
Charleston, SC  29403
Phone:  (843) 302-1900
Fax:  (843) 577-8002
<[email protected]>


Andrew Roskill, CEO.  Mitchell Davis, CBO.

Before BiblioLabs, Andrew and Mitchell were two of the entrepreneurs behind BookSurge, the world’s first integrated, global publishing and print-on-demand manufacturing platform.  They sold that company to Amazon in 2005 and worked at the successful integration over the following two years.  The technology has significantly disrupted the traditional publishing industry over the past decade.  Amazon now uses it to publish tens of thousands of books and print millions of books each year from facilities around the world.  They both re-grouped with other former founders of BookSurge in 2007 to launch BiblioLabs.

Carolyn Morris, VP Digital.

Before BiblioLabs, Carolyn was Director of Academic Sales at Ingram and Director of Sales at YBP Library Services. She is an experienced speaker and author of numerous published articles on issues important to libraries. Before entering the library space she was a stay-at-home mother (hardest job ever) and a schoolteacher.

Association memberships:  American Library Association, BCALA, Charleston Digital Corridor.

Key products and services:  BiblioLabs offers two connected products to libraries — BiblioBoard Creator and BiblioBoard Library.  All libraries have free access to BiblioBoard Creator, a tool that enables libraries to create sophisticated, multimedia digital anthologies using their own collections or historical content from our catalog.  BiblioBoard Creator enables libraries, without teams of developers and designers, to meet the high expectations of today’s tech-savvy patrons on the Web and on mobile devices.  BiblioBoard Library is where these anthologies are published and promoted.

Patrons search or browse BiblioBoard to find anthologies rich with unique digital artifacts hand-selected by expert curators;  then read, view, listen, take notes, bookmark, download, export citations, or go mobile with ease.

BiblioBoard Library Features:

•  1-Click sync to Apple iPad, Kindle Fire HD, and Nexus 7

•  Visually stunning presentation

•  Tens of Thousands of pages of primary source content including maps, letters, pamphlets, diaries, photos, and more

•  Streaming audio and video

•  Unlimited multi-user access

•  Unlimited printing and downloading

•  Citation exports

•  Note taking

•  Bookmarking

•  Free MARC records

Within BiblioBoard, libraries will be able to subscribe to a variety of content modules once they have subscribed to the BiblioBoard Core module.  Currently, the only other available module is the British Library 19th Century Collection that is free for libraries that subscribe to BiblioBoard before July 1, 2013.  We will be launching other modules later in the year.

Core markets/clientele:  BiblioBoard is a valuable resource for many types of libraries.  The BiblioBoard Core module includes high-interest, primary source content suitable for scholars, high school students, amateur historians, literature buffs, and even parents of young children.  BiblioLabs’ editorial team researches significant upcoming anniversaries, forthcoming motion pictures, and important issues in the media to ensure BiblioBoard content is relevant to today’s information consumer.  Recent Anthology titles include:  The Mayan Calendar System, Abraham Lincoln, The History of Poison, and The History of Chess.

Number of employees:  30

History and brief description of your company/publishing program:  Annual sales of $17 million lead Inc.500 to rank BiblioLabs the #7 fastest-growing media-company in the U.S. last year, right behind Facebook.  Current revenue is generated through sales of historical print books to thousands of customers around the world.  With distribution partners on every major continent BiblioLabs is truly a global company.  Some of BiblioLabs content partners include Gale, ProQuest, EBSCO, National Library of Colombia, National Library of Chile, and the British Library.  Ninety-five percent of BiblioLabs’ 30 fulltime employees are dedicated to development, sales and marketing of BiblioBoard.

BiblioBoard offers public libraries and small- to medium-sized academic libraries a low-cost alternative to historical databases from more traditional publishers.  With a BiblioBoard subscription, these libraries can significantly increase their eBook collections and easily support growing demand for mobile content with 1-Click syncing, no checkouts, or turn-aways.  Our goal is to allow any library the opportunity to deliver an elegant, simple digital tablet experience on par with companies like Amazon and Apple.  The ability to publish, promote, and share special collections via BiblioBoard is generally of greater appeal to larger academics that have vast digital collections.  BiblioLabs’ ability to build highly sophisticated products in a short period of time is unique in the library marketplace, and our products are constantly evolving and improving.


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