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v25 #1 Publisher Profile: now publishers

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U.S. Address:  P.O. Box 1024
Hanover, MA  02339 USA
Phone:  +1-781-871-0245
Fax:  +1-781-871-6172

Europe Address:  P.O. Box 179, 2600 AD Delft,
The Netherlands
Phone:  +31-6-51115274
Fax:  +31-15-2159585


OfficersMike Casey, COO and Treasurer;  Zac Rolnik, President and CEO.

Key products and servicesFoundations and Trends journals, Quarterly Journal of Political Science.

Core markets/clienteleACRL libraries.

Number of journals published annually:  25 – 20 Foundations and Trends and 5 traditional journals.

History and brief description of your company/publishing programnow publishers is an international publisher of science and technology, dedicated to improving the accessibility of research.  An independent company, it was founded in 2004 and continues to deliver on its initial promise of partnering with the research and library communities to help bring about a new era in academic publishing which values editors and authors, deploys a liberal and fair copyright policy, and provides librarians with value for money.  The primary mission of now publishers is to improve scholarly communication, speed the flow of information, and reward the scientist.  The company uses Web-based marketing and manufacturing techniques to minimize costs, allowing for the compensation of authors, editors and reviewers, and passing on cost-savings to librarians.

now publisher’s marquee product is Foundations and Trends, a unique publishing model focusing on very high-quality reviews, surveys, and tutorials of significant research topics written by the leading lights in their fields.  All of the content is stringently peer-reviewed, and the quality control is overseen by world class editors-in-chief and their editorial boards.  The authors, editors, and board members are “household names” in their respective fields, and the emphasis is on quality, readability, and timeliness of content.


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