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v25 #1 Profiles Encouraged: Chris Banks

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University Librarian and Director, Library,
Special Collections & Museums, University of Aberdeen
The Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen
Bedford Road, Aberdeen,  AB24 3AA
Phone:  +44 (0) 1224 273384
<[email protected]>

Born and lived:  Born in London.  Lived in London, Belfast, London, Aberdeen.

Early life:  Shaped (positively) by living in Belfast and benefitting from the very supportive schooling there.  My career owes everything to that.

Professional career and activities:  Two music degrees.  Worked at English National Opera and the British Library (20+ years) before moving to Aberdeen.

Family:  One very supportive husband who doesn’t mind that I live and work over 550 miles from home.  And one cat who likes a choice of laps (and therefore welcomes when there is more than one in London).

In my spare time:   I enjoy singing.

Favorite books:  Well-written ones

Pet peeves:  Procrastination; inefficiency; intolerance.

Philosophy:  Life is special and to be treasured.  Each day could be my last, and I want to make a positive difference.

Most memorable career achievement:  Working with a wonderful team to achieve a wonderful new library in Aberdeen.

Goal I hope to achieve five years from now:  That we will still be full of positive ideas as to how to make a positive difference to those studying, researching, and visiting our new library (and that we’ll have won a few prizes on the way).

How/where do I see the industry in five years:  The relationship between publishers, libraries, and LMS suppliers will fundamentally change over the next five years.  Our goal is to continue to ensure that the academic endeavour reaches the widest audience and makes the biggest and most relevant impact.  Our role as curator/custodian will evolve to fully embrace the born digital.  We will share more services and, if sense can prevail, will not be penalized for doing so.  Libraries will continue to be responsive to these new environments but will remain relevant.


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