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v.24 #5 November 2012 © Katina Strauch


Rumors – p. 1

From Your Editor – p. 6

Letters to the Editor – p. 6

Deadlines – p. 6


Changing Library Operations in the E-distribution Environment
Guest Editors:  Allen McKiel
and Jim Dooley

Changing Library Operations in the E-distribution Environment – p. 1
by Allen McKiel and Jim DooleyChanges are occurring in all library operations because of the e-environment.  Included here are several perspectives on these changes.

ebrary 2001 Global Student E-book Survey – p. 14
by Allen McKielAnswers from informal student surveys in 2011 are compared to results in 2008.

Pilot to Program: Demand-Driven E-books at the Orbis-Cascade Consortium, 1 Year Later – p. 24
by James BunnelleA look at how the Orbis-Cascade Alliance implemented its pilot project for demand-driven acquisition of e-books.

Demand-Driven Acquisitions at UC Merced – p. 28
by Jim DooleyUC Merced continues to grow rapidly.  The collections budget has been impacted by the necessity to provide expensive electronic resources in support of specialized research interests of newly-hired faculty.

Letting the Patrons Drive… Research Library Acquisitions? – p. 30
by Martha HruskaPatron-driven has not replaced our commitment to collect in our areas of strength, Martha explains, but rather allows us to reduce our overall expenditures for mainstream materials we know are being used.

Western Oregon University: Changing Library Operations – p. 34
by Allen McKielAllen presents a summary of some of the e-book related news of the year.

Op Ed – p. 38
The Continuing Dilemma of Defining Databases: the New Digital Normal by Sue WiegandSue thinks we librarians should pay more attention to terminology.

Back Talk – p. 102
It is Getting Very Crowded Under Publisher Buses These Days by Tony FergusonIn this issue Tony talks about publishers who provide, and some who refuse to provide, U.S. public libraries with access to their eBooks.

Remembering David M. Lane – p. 12

Lee Dirks: An Appreciation
by Clifford LynchThis article is available on the ATG NewsChannel.


Jane Burke – p. 46
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, ProQuest and Serials Solutions

Michele Casalini – p. 56
CEO and Owner, Casalini Libri

Peter Brueggeman – p. 54
Life, Health, Marine & Earth Sciences Collections Coordinator, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives Curator, UC San Diego Library


Jane Burke – p. 48

Peter Brueggeman – p. 56

Publisher Profile Serials Solutions – p. 50


Book Reviews – p. 40
Monographic Musings by Deb VaughnThis month, read about open access.

From the Reference Desk – p. 42
Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom GilsonThe Encyclopedia of Global Studies is just one of the titles Tom reviews in this issue.


Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Legally Speaking – p. 60
An Apple for Authors: Status of United States v. Apple, Inc., et al by William HannayBill has the latest news!

Questions and Answers – p. 64
Copyright Column by Laura GasawayHow does the Georgia State decision change the rules for reproducing material and does the library have to purchase materials under the institutional rate?  And more!


From the University Presses – p. 66
Celebrating the First Annual University Press Week by Brenna McLaughlinThe first annual university press week will be November 11-17 and we librarians are happy to be part of it!

From A University Press – p. 68
Keeping Presses Healthy by Leila W. SalisburyUniversity presses can and should be a lynchpin in the new system of scholarly communication.

Biz of Acq – p. 70
eBook PDA at Eastern Michigan University by Joe BadicsVirtuallly all libraries have used patron input to build their collections so why the sudden attention to patron-driven acquisitions?

Papa Abel Remembers – p. 72
A Tale of A Band of Booksellers, Fasicle 19: Economic Realities by Richard Abel — And the saga continues…

And They Were There – p. 76
Reports of MeetingsIn this issue Wendy Pedersen has reported on SALALM LVII, and we have more reports from the 31st Annual Charleston Conference compiled by Ramune Kubilius.

The National Media Market, a Buyer’s Perspective – p. 82
by Winifred Fordham MetzIt takes a lot of work to grow a collection  of media-rich resources.


Bet You Missed It – p. 10
by Bruce Strauch — What do science fiction and false moustaches have in common?  Read about it here!

Issues in Vendor/Library Relations – p. 84
Air Show by Bob NardiniBob says that the eBook marketplace needs air traffic controllers!

I Hear the Train A Comin’ – p. 85
Remembering Lee Dirks by Greg Tananbam

Collecting to the Core – p. 86
Psychology Handbooks by Dr. Donald PolzellaBooks we need to keep in our collections.

Oregon Trails – p. 88
A Browser’s Serendipity by Thomas W. LeonhardtTom praises Scott Givens and his bookstore, Browser’s Books.  Hooray!

Random Ramblings – p. 90
The Difference between a Great and a Good Research Library:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Bob HolleyWhile the Internet has destroyed any hope of systematically collecting all human knowledge, newly focused cooperative efforts would be a step toward providing a new definition of a great library.

Curating Collective Collections – p. 92
“Reflexive Curation: Accident, Risk, and Medium in the Collectively Curated Collection” by Richard Fyffe and Sam DemasOur network of increasingly interdependent libraries and repositories promises tremendous benefits but entails difficult choices.


The Good Bookman – p. 98
by Rita Ricketts — Rita goes back to the writings of Sir Basil Blackwell to inform the current debate on the future of physical books and bookshops.


Technology Left Behind – p. 8
The View from the Other Side by Cris FergusonCris is making the move from technical services to public services and in the process learning about information fluency.

@Brunning: People & Technology – p. 95
At the Only Edge that Means Anything/How We Understand What We Do by Dennis BrunningDennis shines his flashlight on newspaper access models, self-publishing, and the words “search” and “find.”


South Carolina Public Libraries Website Home Pages Accessibility
by Mary E. Ayomi and Mae F. Jones — This ATG Special Report is available on the ATG NewsChannel at www.charleston-hub.com.



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