v24 #5 From Your (Celebrating) Editor

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The first thing to celebrate is the fact that we haven’t had a hurricane in Charleston this year.  Oh, I know, we had all sorts of rain storms and people posted pictures on Facebook and all that.  But it always floods in Charleston.  That’s the problem if you are below sea level!  But the second thing that I am celebrating is that our daughter Ileana passed her Internal Medicine Boards!  Exciting.  Now she can take care of aging Mom and Dad.

This issue is even more cause for celebration.  Guest edited by the energizer-bunny Allen McKiel and the resourceful Jim Dooley, it tackles changing library operations in the e-distribution environment.  Articles are by Allen and Jim as well as Martha Hruska of UC-San Diego and Jim Bunnelle of the Orbis-Cascade Alliance.  There are lots of facts and figures and surveys galore.  Our Back Talk is about eBooks and publishers and I am surprised at what Tony Ferguson seems to have been reading!  Sue Wiegand focuses on the problem of defining what a database is.  If we don’t know, how can our poor patrons/end users/customers know?  We have interviews with the glorious Michele Casalini, the charming Peter Brueggeman, and the hard-charging Jane  Burke.  A new column in the media space is by Winifred Fordham Metz about the National Media Market, Bill Hannay gives an apple to authors, Joe Badics talks about patron-driven acquisitions.  We learn about the very first annual university press week from Brenna McLaughlin and Leila SalisburyTom Leonhardt praises bookstores, Donald Polzella talks about psychology handbooks to keep in our collection, and Bob Nardini is thinking about air traffic control.  Want to know about Reflexive Curation?  Or the difference between a good or great research library?  You can read it here!  There is much more in this issue so go inside and browse awhile!

Meanwhile, I have to get out my kayak.  It seems to be flooding outside the Citadel where I live!  Oh well!  Happy fall!, Yr. Ed.


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