ATG Star of the Week: Jane Burke, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, ProQuest and Serials Solutions

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Name: Jane Burke
Title: Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Organization: ProQuest and Serials Solutions
Address: 501 North 34th Street, Suite 300, Seattle, WA  98103
Phone: 206-545-9056
Fax: 206-545-9066
Email: [email protected]


Born and lived:In the Chicago area.  I grew up in the town I live in now – Naperville, Illinois.  I lived in Boston for a time and also in Seattle for several years.

Early life:My undergraduate degree is from a college that went out of business the next year – so my BA is from an unaccredited, non-existent school.  I went right on to library school and then got an MBA from Northwestern University.

Professional career and activities: I have lots of experience in library automation, following several years as a public services librarian at the Cook Memorial Library in Libertyville, Illinois.  I went to work for the first commercial library automation company and then was hired to create the technology transfer company for commercializing a system built by Northwestern University Library.  From there I was one of the founders and the CEO of Endeavor Information Systems, which created the Voyager system (now owned by ExLibris).  After a short stint as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble, I joined ProQuest in 2005 as the General Manager of Serials Solutions.

Family: I have been married to my husband Mike O’Brien for 30 years.  He is my hero.

In my spare time: I collect – all sorts of stuff.  I love garage sales and flea markets.

 Favorite books: I read at least 3 books a week, but it’s all fiction.

Philosophy: Libraries are important.  We all need to work to keep libraries relevant.


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