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v24 #3 Table of Contents

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v.24 #3 June 2012 © Katina Strauch


Rumors – p. 1
From Your Editor – p. 6
Letters to the Editor – p. 8
Deadlines – p. 6

Perspectives from the Field — Guest Editor, Katina Strauch

Perspectives from the Field – p. 1
by Katina Strauch — In this collection of articles, we have a look at library issues from other perspectives.

The Chicago Collaborative – p. 14
Working Together to Address the Grand Challenges of Scholarly Communication by Gail A. Yokote, J. Mitchell Homan, and Jean P. ShipmanShared dialogues of representatives from librarian. publishing, and and editorial associations have produced a highly successful collaborative.

SAGE White Paper on Discoverability in the Twenty-First Century – p. 18
Collaborative Opportunities for Publishers, Vendors, and Librarians by Mary M. Somerville — A critical balance between cooperation and competition generates energy and motivates the evolution of the ecosystem and nourishes the entire community.

Forward into the Past – p. 22
Offsite Book Depositories The Future of Libraries? by John D. Riley — Roaming the open stacks was one of John’s pleasures in his college years.  But he admits that the explosion of information and mass digitization of printed materials has led to less demand and the need for more storage options.

A Brief Primer on Institutional Repositories – p. 26
by Bob Schatz — Bob gives us a look at some of the issues surrounding institutional repositories.

Op Ed — Random Ramblings – p. 28
Libraries as a Source of Materials for Illegal Copying: Potential Implications for eBooks by Bob Holley — Bob submits that librarians keep silent about copying of library materials because of the special status they have under current copyright law.

Back Talk – p. 86
Sashimi, Global Trends and Deciding What to Adopt by Tony Ferguson — Tony says that we should focus not on the next new trend that comes along but on user needs.

In Memory of Mike Arnold – p. 10
by Bob Schatz — Bob reminisces about his travels with Mike whom he worked with for twenty years.

Remembering Mike Arnold – p. 10
by Barry Fast — Barry remembers Mike as well and speaks highly of his dignity and how he made everyone feel good when he was in the room.


Tim Coates – p. 30
Founder of Bilbary.com

Mary Ann Liebert – p. 36
Founder and President, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Fred Gullette – p. 40
Publisher, Book News, Inc.

Sven Fund and Michiel Swormink – p. 42
De Gruyter


Jean P. Shipman – p. 16

Tim Coates – p. 32

Publisher Profile – Bilbary – p. 34

Sheri E. Dean – p. 82


Book Reviews – p. 44
Monographic Musings by Deb VaughnThis month, learn about effective communication in the science and technology fields.

From the Reference Desk – p. 46
Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom GilsonThe Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion is one title Tom reviews in this issue.



Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Legally Speaking – p. 50
Our Nomadic Treasures: What To Do When Your Children Go Astray by Bill HannayBill tells us all about book theft.

Questions and Answers – p. 56
Copyright Column by Laura GasawayAre three paragraphs from a copyrighted work too much to put on a Webpage?  Lolly tells us!



Biz of Acq – p. 61
Promoting eBooks at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore by Cynthia Nyirenda — The main purpose of the book satisfaction survey was to identify areas of improvement and to use the results to request more funds.

@Brunning: People & Technology – p. 63
At the Only Edge that Means Anything/How We Understand What We Do by Dennis BrunningDennis talks about Wal-Mart, big data, and why books are better than Facebook.

Booklover – p. 65
Closer to Home by Donna Jacobs — This is about how Donna rescued a book which was about to be discarded.

From A University Press – p. 66
To Download or Not to Download, That Is the Question by Leila Salisbury — This is about the downloading of eBook content onto a patron’s various devices.

And They Were There – p. 67
Reports of Meetings — SPARC 2012, IUG Annual, and more reports from the 31st Charleston Conference.


Bet You Missed It – p. 12
by Bruce Strauch — What do green tomatoes and dust have in common?  Read about it here!

Something To Think About – p. 38
Spring Changes by Mary E. (Tinker) MasseyIt’s that time again when we go through evaluations, clean shelves and cabinets, and reminisce about the old times.

Little Red Herrings – p. 58
Has the Internet Made Libraries Obsolete After All? Part 2 by Mark HerringMuch remains on the “to do” list.

Collecting to the Core – p. 77
Late Twentieth Century Education Reform by Nancy P. O’BrienThis essay draws on the work of a few authors who have had a significant impact on the educational reform movement of the late twentieth century.

Issues in Vendor/Library Relations – p. 78
GPS by Bob NardiniGosh!  Bob is having surgery.  He is missing ALA in Anaheim!  Does he need to reprogram his GPS?

Curating Collective Collections – p. 80
Library Logistics: Archiving and Servicing Shared Print Monographs by Rick Lugg and Sam Demas — The infrastructure for regional or national preservation is being built with the assumption of shared rather than individual responsibility.


The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker – p. 73
by Rita Ricketts — It was a century ago but there were still arguments about buildings to abolish.


Standards Column – p. 60
Need a Shot of ESPRESSO? Improving the Single Sign on Experience and Other Identity Management Issues by Todd CarpenterNISO’s Establishing Suggested Practices Single Sign on (ESPReSSO) is an ambitious and needed project.

Technology Left Behind – p. 83
Pinning in the Library by Cris FergusonCris says that libraries should explore using Pinterest to publicize their services.

Wandering on the Web – p. 84
Free Cloud Storage by Amy J.W. SlowikA list of free cloud and storage services you can take advantage of right now.


Future Conference Dates – p. 5
Future Charleston Conference dates through 2014 can be found here!

Charleston Conference 2012 – p. 8
Issues in Book and Serial AcquisitionCall For Papers, Ideas, Preconferences, etc.



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