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19, Rue Aldringen, Luxembourg, L-1118;
14 Bedford Square, London  WC1B 3JA  UK
<[email protected]>  •  www.Bilbary.com


Officers:  Tim Coates, President;  Russell Clayton, CFO;  Vijay Sodiwala, COO;  Chris Anderton, CTO.  Amy Riach, Site Editor;  Kate Thomsen, Head of Planning;  Patrick Jolin, Head of International Technical Operations;  Eugenie Viale, Head of European Operations.

New York Office:  Constance Sayre;  Beijing Office:  Tom Christensen.

Key products and services:  eBook Website – www.bilbary.com

Core markets/clientele:  We cater to authors, consumers, students, publishers, and libraries.

History and brief description of your company:  Bilbary is an Internet-based, consumer eBook library and retail bookstore.  Bilbary promotes and encourages reading by providing access to more than 750,000 eBooks via e-readers, computers, tablets, and smart phones for purchase or rental.  Bilbary will soon offer promotions, shop windows, and browsing and is intended to be a resource for readers, reading groups, libraries, schools, authors, and all who enjoy and make use of books.


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