v24 #3 Perspectives from the Field

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by Katina Strauch  (Editor, Against the Grain)  <[email protected]>

I have to confess that I am filling in here as guest editor.  Timothy Cherubini from LYRASIS was slated as our guest editor for this issue but family matters interfered with his schedule.  I guess that’s not too bad given that in 24 years I have never had to fill in for any guest editor!  My condolences to Tim and hoping for his father’s speedy recovery.  So — y’all have to settle for me instead!

In this issue we look at several recent initiatives — the Chicago Collaborative, Discoverability, Offsite Book Depositories and Institutional RepositoriesGail Yokote, J. Mitchell Homan and Jean Shipman give us a glimpse of the beginnings of the Chicago Collaborative and how the AAHSL, SSP, CBE, and others began in 2008 to form a task force and have meetings regarding commonalities of their professional associations and not their employers.  In the second paper, Mary Somerville, in a white paper commissioned by SAGE and given at the recent 14th Fiesole Collection Development Retreat, discusses a study of discoverability, collaborative essentials and future collaborations.  The full program of the 14th Fiesole Retreat is online at http://www.casalini.it/retreat/retreat_2012.html.

The third paper in this issue is by John D. Riley and is about the necessity for offsite storage given the explosion of information, digitization, and less demand for the printed book in light of the electronic counterpart.  Finally we have a paper from Bob Schatz regarding institutional repositories.  Bob, who spent most of his prior life in bookselling, talks about why institutional repositories are necessary, how to determine what to put in them, and how to evaluate the various software and platform options available.

It is interesting that in this series of papers we have traditional stakeholders in the library, vending, and publishing environment trying to understand and adapt to the changes all around us.


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