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v.24 #2 April 2012 © Katina Strauch

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Rumors – p. 1
From Your Editor – p. 6
Letters to the Editor – p. 6
Deadlines – p. 6


The Grass Really Is Sometimes Greener — Guest Editor, Forrest E. Link

The Grass Really Is Sometimes Greener – p. 1
by Forrest E. Link — In this collection of articles, six librarians who have crossed the vendor/publisher/librarian boundary give us their perspectives on the differences in workplace culture and the lessons they learned along the way.

Changing Glasses: Does Our World Look Different as a Vendor or a Librarian – p. 16
by Corey SeemanWhen money doesn’t exchange hands it can be trickier to figure out what we are doing.

Crossing the Bridge Connecting the Corporate and Academic Library Worlds – p. 20
by Valerie TucciAfter almost forty years as a corporate librarian, Valerie was ready, not for retirement, for new challenges!

The Refugee Returns Home: An MLS in Corporate America – p. 24
by Kate KosturskiKate had it “up to here” when she took her next job.

Joining the Dark Side – p. 28
by Laura HarrisIn her last position, Laura worked in a cubicle and shared the room with nine coworkers.  Now she works from home.

Lessons Learned – p. 30
by Amira AaronAs a “seasoned” librarian who has transitioned several times between the library world and the vendor world, Amira has come to focus on the similarities rather than the differences.

The Value of Experience – p. 34
by Scott A. SmithScott contends that some in the library world fail to understand the value of vendor experience.

Op Ed — Pelikan’s Antidisambiguation – p. 46
“Being Careful What We Wish For…” by Michael P. PelikanWe’re being marketed to with such pervasive, immersive intensity that most of the time we scarcely realize it’s happening.

Don Stave – In Memorium – p. 47
by Richard Abel

Back Talk – p. 78
Today’s Academic Library: Student-Centered and Convenient by Tony Ferguson — Tony says that working as a librarian is a bit like the work of a lumberjack — focusing on the trees instead of the forest.


Leslie Straus – p. 38
President, SkyRiver Technology Solutions

Max Phua – p. 41
World Scientific Publishing Co.

Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour – p. 43
President and CEO, IGI Global


Forrest Link – p. 14
Corey Seeman – p. 18
Valerie Tucci – p. 22
Kate Kosturski – p. 26
Leslie Straus – p. 40
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour – p.  42
Publisher Profile – SkyRiver – p.  38
Publisher Profile – IGI Global – p. 44


From the Reference Desk – p. 48
Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom GilsonThe Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible published by Oxford University Press, and Women in American politics: History and Milestones published by CQ Press, are just two of the titles reviewed this month.


Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Cases of Note — Copyright – p. 51
Vicarious Infringement by Bruce Strauch — Range Road Music, Inc. et al v. East Coast Foods, Inc., Herbert Hudson

Questions and Answers – p. 52
Copyright Column by Laura GasawayCan two journals share copyright of the same manuscript?  Lolly tells us in this issue.


From A University Press – p. 50
One Size Doesn’t Fit All by Leila Salisbury — Those we serve (publishers and librarians) do not fit a single mold or model.

Papa Abel Remembers – p. 53
A Tale of A Band of Booksellers, Fasicle 18: Costs and Revenues by Richard Abel — And the saga continues…

Booklover – p.  55
Percussion by Donna Jacobs — Donna is captivated by a photo of a boy resting on a tribal drum.

@Brunning: People & Technology – p.  56
At the Only Edge that Means Anything/How We Understand What We Do by Dennis BrunningOh Britannica and more.

And They Were There – p. 59
Reports of Meetings — ASA by Anthony Watkinson, and more reports from the 31st Charleston Conference compiled by Ramune Kubilius.

Biz of Acq – p.  64
An Environmental Analysis Corroborating PDA and the Winthrop Example by Antje MaysAs higher education struggles with costs and course-delivery methods libraries have an enduring lead role.


Something To Think About – p.  10
What Are We About? by Mary E. (Tinker) MasseyMary talks about reassessing who she is, where she is now, and where she is going in life.

Bet You Missed It – p. 12
by Bruce Strauch — What do a piano and a dachshund have in common?

Oregon Trails – p. 36
The Ego and I by Tom Leonhardt Tom has been reading Autobiography/Memoir and Essays for Foreward Magazine.

Random Ramblings – p. 58
Niche Research, Silos, and Collection Development by Bob Holley — Just because research doesn’t have practical consequences doesn’t mean that these research questions aren’t worth asking.

Collecting to the Core – p. 68
Dance by Susan L. Wiesner — The classification of dance texts can be confusing.  Read this column for a better understanding.

Little Red Herrings – p. 70
Is the Internet a Substitute for the Library  After All? Part I by Mark HerringDoes one bad thing follow another?

Issues in Vendor/Library Relations – p. 71
Schooled by Bob NardiniBob reflects on the changes in library – excuse me – information school.

Acquisitions Archaeology – p. 72
Professional Ethics by Jesse Holden Jesse is bothered that we have a statement of our ethics rather than a code of ethics.

Notes from Mosier – p. 74
“What Goes Around, Comes Around – Pricing Models for Print Books” by Scott A. SmithScott points out that pricing was a divisive issue in the 1970s and asks if it is not a divisive issue today.


I Hear the Train A Comin’ – p. 8
From the Paris of the Plains by Greg Tananbaum — Greg is using this issue’s column to present the three big picture conclusions he took away from SPARC’s first North American meeting devoted to all matters open access.

Standards Column – p. 76
Augmented Reality: An Opportunity for Content Creators to Extend their Reach by Todd CarpenterKnowing what is coming and how to incorporate it into existing and future content will be keys to succeeding in the future.


Charleston Conference 2012 – p.  8
Issues in Book and Serial AcquisitionCall For Papers, Ideas, Preconferences, etc.

Future Conference Dates – p. 14
Future Charleston Conference dates through 2015 can be found here!



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