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2012 Charleston Conference

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32nd Annual
Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition

Call for Papers, Ideas, Conference Themes, Panels, Debates, Diatribes, Speakers, Poster Sessions, Preconferences, etc…

2012 Theme – Accentuate the Positive!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 – Preconferences and Vendor Showcase
Thursday – Saturday, November 8-10, 2012 – Main Conference
Francis Marion Hotel, Courtyard Marriott Historic District, and College of Charleston Addlestone Library

If you are interested in leading a discussion, acting as a moderator, coordinating a lively lunch, or would like to make sure we discuss a particular topic, please let us know.  The Charleston Conference prides itself on creativity, innovation, flexibility, and informality.  If there is something you are interested in doing, please try it out on us.  We’ll probably love it…

The Conference Directors for the 2012 Charleston Conference include:

Beth Bernhardt, Principle Director (UNC Greensboro) <beth_bernhardt@uncg.edu>, Glenda Alvin <galvin@tnstate.edu>, Adam Chesler <adam.chesler@cox.net>, Cris Ferguson <cris.ferguson@furman.edu>, Joyce Dixon-Fyle <joyfyle@depauw.edu>, Chuck Hamaker <cahamake@email.unc.edu>, Tony Horava <thorava@uottawa.ca>, Albert Joy <albert.joy@uvm.edu>, Ramune Kubilius <r-kubilius@northwestern.edu>, Corrie Marsh <cmarsh12@hotmail.com>, Jack Montgomery <jack.montgomery@wku.edu>, Audrey Powers <apowers@lib.usf.edu>, Anthony Watkinson <anthony.watkinson@btopenworld.com>, Katina Strauch <kstrauch@comcast.net>, or www.katina.info/conference.

Send ideas by July 15, 2012, by using our online form, or by email to any of the Conference Directors listed above.

Or to: Katina Strauch, MSC 98, The Citadel, Charleston, SC  29409
843-723-3536 (voice) 843-805-7918 (fax) 843-509-2848 (cell)
<kstrauch@comcast.net>  http://www.katina.info/conference


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