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v. 22 #6 The Future of the Textbook

by | Mar 16, 2011 | 2 comments

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  1. Paul Gahan

    My understanding of the access available for students to e-textbooks is that they are not able to download them to their own devices, they can only access them directly from their institution’s libray webpage, so they are unable to take advantage of the bookmarking, highlighting, annotation etc available on dedicated ereaders. Also they are extremely restricted as to the amount they can print out from e-textbooks, the drm software frequently cutting off printouts mid-sentence. In those circumstances I think I would prefer a hard-copy textbook.

  2. cmasson50

    Great article. I am dealing with this issue right now as the Brighton Early Morning Rotary is working with our school district through a grant to provide ereaders and ereader textbooks for our students. Currently the only adopted textbooks that are available as ereaders are the language arts selected library books that are part of the curriculum.

    I believe schools are at a point in this process where with curriculum standards, textbooks no longer need to be adopted, but curriculum standards need to be followed in instruction and resources for accomplishing that learning needs to be just-in-time, current sources from where ever they may be accessed. Being limited to only one district adopted textbook for a class now limits learning potential as there are so much ways to get better information online.


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