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v.22 #6 December 2010 – January 2011 © Katina Strauch
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Rumors – p.  1
From Your Editor – p. 6
Letters to the Editor – p. 6
Deadlines – p.  6


Sustainability in Collection Development
Guest Editor, Karen Christensen

Sustainability in Collection Development: Seeing the Forest and the Trees – p.  1     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Karen ChristensenOur focus in this issue is environmental sustainability, which means using resources and interacting with the natural world in ways that will not reduce what is available to future generations.

Building Sustainable Libraries Preliminary Survey Results – p.  16     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Justin MillerThis survey gathers information on the sustainability efforts at academic libraries across the U.S.

Collection Development and Sustainability at the University of Florida – p. 18     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Merilyn Burke — There are many challenges in selecting materials for sustainability.

Collection Management and Sustainability in the Digital Age: Chasing the Holy Grail – p. 22     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Tony Horava — How can collection development be sustainable in the turbulent digial era?

Getting There from Here: Changing the Ecological and Social Footprint of Our Professional Conferences – p. 28     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Michael Smith — Like the word “democracy,” “sustainability” has become a concept that many have trouble knowing what the word means.

Practicing Sustainable Environmental Solutions: A Call for Green Policy in Academic Libraries – p. 30     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Maria A. Jankowska — A short historical piece to explain the proactive interest by academic librarians in environmental sustainable operations.

K-12 Environmental Education Resources – p. 34     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Roxanne Myers SpencerRoxanne is responsible for selecting education and children’s literature material which deals with the environment.

Measuring Sustainability with Our Ecological Footprint – p. 40     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Whitney Bauman — The concept of the “ecological footprint” suggests that in order to tread lightly on the Earth, we must measure our true footprint, which includes energy and resource consumption.

Op Ed – p. 42     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
Open and Accessible Supplemental Data: How Libraries Can Solve the Supplemental Arms Race by Liz Lorbeer and Heather Klusendorf — Liz and Heather think that librarians may be tbe perfect custodians for managing supplemental data on a long-term basis in an open environment.


The Dual Mission Paradigm: A Raganathian Critique – p.  44
by Patrick L. Carr — What is the mission of libraries in the twenty-first century?

The Future of the Textbook – p. 45
by Sara Killingworth and Martin Marlow — What’s going on with the textbook, especially in the e-environment?


Moshe Pritsker – p. 49     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
CEO and Co-Founder, Journal of Visualizd Experiments (JoVE)

Jud Dunham – p. 52
Senior Product Manager Science and Technology, Elsevier


Moshe Pritsker – p. 50     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)


Book Reviews – p. 53
Monographic Musings by Deb Vaughn — This month, read about shamans and shelf space.

From the Reference Desk – p. 54
Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom Gilson — This month two titles Tom will review are about crime.

Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Cases of Note — Copyright – p.  57     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
Those Dreaded Statutory Damages by Bruce Strauch — C. Elvin Feltner, Jr., Petitioner v. Columbia Pictures Television, Inc.

Questions and Answers – p.  58     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
by Laura Gasaway — A children’s librarian asks whether it infringes copyright to read a book to children during story hour at a public or school library. Lolly tells us the answer!


Booklover – p.  56
Writing by Donna JacobsDonna and Toni Morrison say, “If there’s a book that you really want to read that hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

Biz of Acq – p. 59
How do you eat an elephant? or eContent and the Future of the Academic Book Vendor by Michael Zeoli — Librarians and vendors might both benefit from partnering together to shape our future.

From the University Presses – p. 61     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
Toward a Modest Agenda: Academic Library and University Press Collaborations by Richard Brown — What is useful and constructive for librarians and university presses to remember is that what works in one institution may not work in another.

Random Ramblings – p. 63
A Digital Dilemma for Public Libraries by Bob HolleyDoes your library buy print and e copies of the same book?

Papa Abel Remembers – p. 64
The Tale of A Band of Booksellers, Fasicle 12: What’s Your Role? Executive or Staff? by Richard Abel

@Brunning: People & Technology – p. 66
At the only Edge that Means Anything/How We Understand What We Do by Dennis BrunningVooks, new Kindles, iPads and ebookstores … Dennis continues to keep us informed on all things “e.”

And They Were There – p. 68
Reports of Meetings — SALALM 2010 and the final installment of reports from the 2009 Charleston Conference.


Something to Think About – p. 40
Anything Goes by Mary Massey — Some impressions from Tinker about the 30th Charleston Conference.

Library Perspective, Vendor Response – p. 72
by Robin Champieux and Steven CarricoRobin and Steve discuss how we should approach the future.

Building Library Collections in the 21st Century – p. 73
How Goes the Book Approval Plan in the Days of the eBook? by Arlene Mooore Sievers-Hill — Despite accounts to the contrary, a well-functioning book approval plan  continues as an excellent selection and acquisitions tool.

Little Red Herrings – p. 74     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
Can Open Access Save Us? by Mark Herring Mark suggests the need for a mechanism that makes it easier for small- to medium-sized educational institutions to participate.

Lost in Austin – Wandering the Stacks – p. 76
by Tom LeonhardtTom opts for book selection by wandering the stacks.

Issues in Vendor/Library Relations – p. 77
Print by Bob NardiniBob wonders if the book Simple Justice would have been meaningful to him if he had read it electronically.

Acquisitions Archaeology – p. 78
Competing Interest by J. HoldenCD-ROMS, a strange technological crossroad in 1992?

As I See It – p.  80
Copyright in the Digital Age: Has the Balance of Interest Between Owners and Users Really Changed? by John CoxThe UK Prime Minister has announced a review of UK Intellectual Property Law.

Notes from Mosier – p. 81
Back to the Future, Part 2 by Scott SmithScott takes a look at e and p book practices by several publishers, aggregators, and libraries.


I Hear the Train A Comin’ – p. 10
A Roundtable Look at the Future of Scholarly Communication by Greg TananbaumGreg shares the views of several scholarly communication experts on some “big picture” issues regarding scholarly communication.

Wandering on the Web – p.  12
To Your Good Health: Health Websites for Parents, Teens, and Kids by Carol Watwood

Technology Left Behind – p. 83
The Temptations of Netflix by Cris Ferguson — Libraries are using Netflix but should they be?

Standards Column – p. 84     FULL TEXT (Subscribers Only)
Taming the World of Data: Pressures to Improve Data Management in Scholarly Communications by Todd Carpenter — Research data has moved to the forefront as an area that needs standards.

Pelikan’s Antidisambiguation – p. 86
On the Establishment of Identity by Michael P. PelikanRight now the content you buy is coupled to a specific account that identifies specific pieces of hardware running specific software.  Why?

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