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v.21 #5 Buying Out-of-Print Books on the Internet, Where the Old is New Again

by | Dec 22, 2009 | 5 comments

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  1. shannon

    Searching for a very very hard to find book. I was hoping you had a copy or give me some leads as to where I could find a copy.

    Tete Jaune Cache
    John Spencer Owen
    Pageant Press, c1953

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Katina Strauch

    Please give me the name, author, date, etc.(as much as you can give me) of the book that you are searching for and I will try to track it down. Thanks! Katina Strauch


    Katina, my name is john owen and yes he is my grandad, or should I say was, I am hoping you are still looking for out of date books as I am trying to locate any books and papers that mentions or is in direct connection with my grandad
    One book of TETE’ JAUNE CACHE has over the years been passed around until it started to fall apart so it is now hidden in one of my brothers closets.
    What I would like is to locate a couple of books for keepsakes for my grandkids that are now asking questions. If possible could you e-mail me any info of such

  4. John

    Thanks for any help you may find

  5. Nathan Matthew

    Does the book on Tete Jaune Cache have reference to any First Nations?


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