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v.21 #3 Table of Contents
Trends: What’s Up With Peer Review?
Guest Editor – Irving Rockwood

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 Rumors  1
 From Your Editor  6
 Letters to the Editor  6
 Deadlines   6
 Peer Review: The History, the Issues, and New Directions by Irving Rockwood  1
   Peer review is a much more important and more exciting topic than in might first appear.  
 Current Peer Review Practice and Perceptions: A View from the Field by Mark Ware 20 
   Responses were received from over 3,000 academics from around the world who completed an online survey in late 2007.  
 PLoS One: New Approaches and Initiatives in the Evolution of the Academic Journal by Peter Binfield 24 
   The PLoS One peer review process focuses on the objective assessment of scientific rigor and research integrity.  
 Interactive Open Access Peer Review: The Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Model by Ulrich Poschl 26 
   The editorial and citation statistics of ACP clearly demonstrate that interactive open access peer review indeed facilitates and enhances scientific communication and quality assurance.  
 The Open Scholarship Full Disclosure Initiative: A Subversive Proposal by Gary Hall  34
  Gary proposes the “Open Scholarship Full Disclosure Initiative” as a supplement to Stevan Harnad’s “subversive proposal.”   
 The Odd Case of Book Reviews by David Shatz 40 
   Book review differ from most scholarly publications in a glaring respect: they are not peer reviewed.  
 Op Ed: The Implications of “Good Enough” and the Future of Libraries by Tony Horava       FULL TEXT:   pdf    html  50
   While Voltaire didn’t work in a 21st century library, he could still teach us a thing or two about reaching beyond our circumstances.  
 Back Talk: There is an Old Saying that Goes… by Tony Ferguson 94 
   Tony made a decision to keep the library open 24/7 but he says no good deed goes unpunished.  
 Meris Mandernauch 42 
   Collection Development Librarian, James Madison University  
 Dennis Brunning Q&A with Carol Saller and Ann Ewbank 46 
   Including a side-story on The New Yorker Digital Reader and his Advise Column.  
 Amy Kohrman 14 
 Meris Mandernach 44 
 From the Reference Desk: Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom Gilson 51 
   One of Tom’s selections for this issue is the Encyclopedia of the First Amendment.  
 Book Reviews: Monographic Musings by Deb Vaughn 53 
   This month, explore antiquities, world religions, and cooking.  
 Cases of Note – Copyright: When A Bare Possibility of Access Is Not Enough by Bruce Strauch 55 
   This one’s about music and copyright.  Don’t miss it!  
 Questions and Answers: Copyright Column by Laura Gassaway 56 
   Are libraries considered educational institutions? Lolly tells us.  
 International Dateline – An Insight Into Publishing by Rita Ricketts 87 
   A continuation of Benjamin Henry’s publishing adventures.  



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