ATG Article of the Week: There may be silver linings, but print’s long-term future still looks distinctly cloudy

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According to this post on the What’s New in Publishing website parts of the print market in the United Kingdom have survived the pandemic in better shape than anyone would have dreamed. However, “for every story of screen-weary readers picking up a print subscription, there’s at least one more of a print closure.There may be silver linings, but print’s long-term future still looks distinctly cloudy.”

The beginning of the article starts below:

“Print, the publishing platform that will not die. Not even a global pandemic can finish it off. Covid-19 restrictions chased more than a few titles out of print in 2020, some into a digital only future, others into history.

But the monotony of a screen-heavy work-life imbalance pushed real-world print back into the spotlight and people have been subscribing to (some) print publications in record numbers.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy. Publishers kept going with WFH workflows cobbled together from Zoom, Slack and Dropbox, but when the lockdowns hit, print faced the perfect storm.

It’s hard to make a publication if your printing press is locked down; to deliver a publication if your distribution network is locked down; to sell a publication if your retail outlets are locked down. And if your advertisers have locked down their budgets, you’re in for some challenging times.

What happened in 2020?

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P.S. The folks at What’s New in Publishing note that This article is an extract from their Media Moments 2020 report. To see the case studies for this chapter and to read the full report, download it here.


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